Where the breath of nature is a crackling of leaves, the beauty is born.

The scent of wood
at your home.

Foglie d’Oro is a unique company in the world, because it has total control over the production process and this allows us to follow the path of the wood, from the choice of the best raw material in forests owned by the company, up to the delivery and installation of finished products to the final customer, through all the processes carried out internally. An entrepreneurial force that guarantees at the same time the creation of highly customized products and the love for nature, thanks to the FSC® certification that distinguishes our products, manufactured according to the most stringent environmental and social sustainability criteria.

Exclusive surfaces, designed to the rhythm of nature.

The owned sawmills (3 in Hungary and one in Romania) are such that the first selection of the timber takes place on site, where it undergoes a totally natural aging, which takes up to two years. The next phase is that of drying, carried out in 42 ovens owned by the Brotto Group. From there, the timber is transported to headquarters, in Italy. Thanks to Latifoglia, company owned by the Brotto Group and leader in the production and marketing of precious woods in the world, Foglie d’Oro has always available a 20,000 m3 stock of timber. Quantity and quality: the best essences (Walnut American, European and national, Oak, Cherry ...), after a long and respectful work of choice and treatment, are ready to ensure a quick and highly customized response to any request. A feature that makes us even more unique and strong on the global market.

Ancient gestures interact with the latest technology.

Cutting-edge technologies, from the planning stage, meet artisan taste and wisdom: the planing, brushing, aged effect obtained with the carving and antiquing are performed entirely by hand. The finishes, carried out with attention to the minimal detail, as per the grand tradition of Italian cabinet making, create fascinating effects, thanks to the use of special coatings derived from historical local workings, water based varnishing and maintenance with soft and fragrant beeswax.

Excellence is a passion in the professionalism.

Care for the product of a family with a passion for wood and organizational strength of a large company meet in Foglie d’Oro. To supply chain control and high capacity of customization of its wood surfaces, Foglie d’Oro combines a sales support extremely rare, characterized by artisan knowledge and almost sartorial manufacturing.

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