The infinite possibilities
of the modular beauty.
A story to write with MATITA.

MATITA. The name is about a simple but suggestive inspiration, a matrix form that becomes graphic pattern, plain decoration that composes modern scenarios. Only apparent simplicity, translated into a sophisticated restatement of the classic parquet. The modular system opens up to endless possible combinations, that allow to please different styles and environments. MATITA is proposed in three prestigious essences – American walnut, European walnut, oak – that allow to decline it in different design situations. In its compositions intervenes the elegant touch of the insert in burnished brass, in Carrara marble and in Marquina black marble, for a dialogue of materials that create clean and essential textures, now deliberately redundant, almost baroque. Furthermore, five sophisticated colours enrich and enhance the collection. The result is different every time, a compositional and chromatic personalization even more enhanced by the wooden inserts that can be placed between the modules.

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“In a market constantly changing, where the borders between the serial production and the artisanal product have grown apart, a sophisticated and demanding target has been defined, ready to appreciate products with high value of project and craftsmanship. In this increasly competitive scenario, Italian Companies need to communicate a precise identity and always find new challenges in the research and in the deep contents of the product. From these assessments, starts the idea to realize a Collection that’s a true and properly new “parquet system”. Beginning from a defined base shape, outlining a multitude of possibility of laying, finishes, inserts, colours. I believe in the meeting between people, in the exchange of experiences, in the research of beauty through each other’s passions.”

Fabio Rotella

The unique beauty of an all Italian meeting, between creativity and know how.

The history of the Italian design is full of decisive meetings between the craftsman entrepreneur and the creative designer. A cultural exchange of knowledge, perspectives and visions, a modus operandi that has probably become the Made in Italy trait, the reason of its being an admired and recognised brand all over the world. From these meetings, products and trends are born that have made the Italian creativity famous, synonymous of a lifestyle carved by beauty. This extraordinary alchemy of knowledge and visions, has been recreated in the dialogue between Fabio Brotto, owner of Foglie d’Oro, and Fabio Rotella, founder of Studio Rotella. An entrepreneur at the head of a company with the most important know-how in its field in Italy and an eclectic creative architect and designer, with a long experience in the artistic direction of international brands: a meeting that expresses at its best the tradition and the future of the Made in Italy, because it combines in a winning formula instinct, competence, aesthetic taste and managerial vision. MATITA is born from this empathy, from this instinctive and immediate understanding between each other. An iconic and recognised collection of hardwood flooring, designed to represent at its best the peculiarities of Foglie d’Oro. A project, a system realized with the creative support of the architect Fabio Rotella, assisted by his precious creative assistant Alessandra Albini.

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