Game of shades, precise formal procedures that generate harmonious movements. The symphony is rhythm, colour, size. The sound matter accompanying the beauty of your days. As the thorns of Foglie d’Oro, refined surfaces that recover an ancient tradition and bring new glory, to meet different styles and tastes: the classic 45 ° angle of the Chevron, the 90° Herringbone, the special Atelier modules, with the possibility to be laid at 45° or long ways.

Our Sinfonie


A timeless leitmotif, that has distinguished for centuries the noble taste of the finest European residences.

Maxi Chevron

  The classic chevron flooring in 45° laying system, one of the most iconic shapes of the european flooring tradition


Learning about tradition and transforming it naturally in a contemporary style, a luxury to live day by day.


Available in European walnut and oak, the Atelier line is distinguished by its special forms: 195 mm wide and 960 mm long. 


Only the artisan knowledge and the artistic sensibility of Foglie d’Oro can transform a mirage in concrete beauty, to be enjoyed every day.

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