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Perspective is the most natural of inventions. A paradox created by the Italian genius that seduces the eye and opens a new dimension. The planks of Foglie d’Oro play with time and space: from the best essences, classical and contemporary surfaces are born, which speak to the present and take you into the future. A new dimension, where each step is the summary of a story with the ancient flavour, the contemporary taste.

Our Prospettive


The Orizzonti line is an expression of the ability  of Foglie d’Oro to learn from the knowledge and the atmosphere of the past...


Modern gestures create timeless emotions. Every plank is different, as different is every single step, every moment of life.

Jumbo Floor

An extremely unique solution, the result of total control over the supply chain for which our company is unique in the world.

Il Massiccio

The very essence of the solemn nobility that every centenary tree expresses lives in the line Il Massiccio. 


Ancient wood, rare and precious, reclaimed exclusively from the beams of villas and historic buildings or from the renovation of old farmhouses.

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