From generation to generation, a history of excellence takes its shape | Foglie d'Oro Parquet

From generation to generation, a history of excellence takes its shape.

A story in history.

Foglie d’Oro is an Arte Brotto’s brand, since 50 years the highest interpreter of the cabinet-making tradition that has its roots in time. Centuries of techniques, wisdom, craft skills and taste for beauty that find in Sante Giorgio Brotto, founder of the company, an heir of extraordinary ability. Trained very young in the noble art of wood, working on the restoration of ancient art furniture, he started his own business at the early age of eighteen, in 1966, building up year after year, a path full of successes, which soon joined the realization of high quality wood floors and surfaces to luxury furnishings.

A family, a territory,
a passion for beauty.

The Brotto family represents the Italian mastery in the art of wood, the authentic made in Italy, with determination and passion, approaching each day with the joy of satisfying another customer. The beauty of creating beauty: this is the guiding principle, generation after generation, of the Brotto family. For this reason Foglie d’Oro is appreciated by a growing number of prestigious customers in Europe and around the world, from the US to Russia and China. A comprehensive look built on solid local roots: all products by Foglie d’Oro are manufactured at its headquarters in Rosà (VI), at the heart of a dynamic and creative territory, where excellence is an attitude and a style of life.

100% Made in Italy

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